The solemn launching of general service boat “Katran”

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On May 16, 2017, there took place  a significant event in the life of JSC “R.E.Alexeev’s Hydrofoil Design Bureau” (DB) – launching of general service boat “Katran”.  The launch was carried out at the slipway of PJSC “Plant “Red Sormovo”.

“This project is interesting for us due to the fact that it was the first time, when we built the boat, according to not our design documentation, in frames of the development plans of our own production area.  We do it to develop the skills set in the production field: we should teach the workers, and the best object for studing is ready-made design documentation”, - said the General director of CDB Sergey Gennadievich Dementiev.

“Katran” - the high-speed high-maneuverable boat of wide application. It will be located on the carrier-vessel and used for the transporation of people, cargo and towing of different floating crafts with the displacement of up to 70 tons, as well as to provide the daily activity of main vessel during the riding at anchor, inshore moorings and in the base. It is capable to achieve the speed up to the 32 knots and board 10 passengers. It is fitted with the equipment for ensuring of diving work process. What is more, there are implemented the technical solutions in the construction, which provide its safe launch and lifting with the crew to the board of the carrier-vessel at the sea disturbance of up to 4 points.

“We plan to sign the contract with Shiprepairing Center “Zvyozdochka” in this year for the delivery of two more items of such boats, we have already received the guarantee letter. It the contact sign, the second “Katran” will be laid down for “Zvezdochka” in this year, the third one – in 2018. What is more, in case of successful contraction, we plan to laid down the similar boat for the plant “Yantar” in this year”, -  Mr. Dementiev bounced the plans.

The Deputy Minister of industry, trade and enterprising I.G.Sazonov and Head of administration of Sormovo region D.G.Sivokhin addressed with congratulations and best wishes before the solemn launching, which was attended by the designers, builders, engineers and other specialists, linked with the “Katran” project.

According to the old tradition, in order to keep fortune always with boat, there was smashed a bottle of champagne on boat;s board. This honor was awarded to Deputy Head of information-analytical Department – Rosina Kucherova.

The neck of the bottle will be handed over to the customer on an "International naval salon-2017" along with the boat, which will be held from 28 June to 2 July in St. Petersburg.

This is the first of a planned launches of this year. In late may, the company is preparing to launch the modernized hydrofoil boat "Volga", and August-September — high-speed mixed river-sea-going hydrofoil “Sagaris”. In September we plan to launch the headmost sample of the first modern Russian high-speed passenger hydrofoil "Valdai-45R".