International military-technical forum “Army – 2017”

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CDB) welcomes guests and participants of International military-technical forum “Army-2017”, which will be held in city Kubinka (Moscow region), to visit the stand of the company and see the latest projects in the area of Naval and civil shipbuilding.

This is the third large-scale event, which will be attended by the largest domestic and foreign enterprises of the military-industrial complex, leading design bureaus and scientific-research institutes. The thousands of visitors can get acquainted with the latest achievements, which are implemented in the military sphere.

For more than 60 years our company carries out the works on the design of high-speed means of transport for civilian, dual and military use: hydrofoils and hovercrafts, air-cavity vessels, gliding boats and ekranoplanes. There were built more than 8000 passenger vessels and boats, which were based on the company’s projects and exported to 35 countries at different times.

The unique knowledge and wide experience of the company allow to design high-speed vessels, characterized by approved dynamic characteristics, comfort for passenger and crew, modern design, economic efficiency and high reliability.

The company provides a full range of services in design, building, carrying out aerodynamic (in aerodynamic tunnel, at gas-dynamic stand) and hydrodynamic (on the open water, in hydro-channel) trials.

This year the visitors can get acquainted with the following large-scale models, presented at our stand:

High-speed hydrofoil missile gunboat, Project 133 RA “Antares”.

It is designed to destruct the surface vessels of different types and classes as well as the stationary ground objects. AN important feature of this boat is speed and sea-keeping performance: I is able to achieve 40 knots at 5 ball storm, using the missile weapons. The construction of the vessel is made with an application of ‘Stealth” technology, which significantly reduces its visibility to radars, infrared and other regions of the spectrum detection.

Assault air-cavity ship of the project 21820E.

It is designed for high-speed transportation of troops, tracks and wheeled vehicles, people and their loading on unprepared shore, logistics support for manufactures and other industry facilities, implementation of transport tasks during rescue operations.

There should be noted the main following advantages of the ship:

-  The ability to carry out loading-unloading operations under conditions of unprepared shore

-  Shallow draft, allowing to move in shallow water;

The protection of propulsion-steering complex, providing the operation in conditions of contaminated water areas.

The vessel’s hydrodynamic complex, including special hull’s lines, which provide the creation of air cavity, ventilated water-jet propellers, rudders allow to achieve high-speed, maneuverable and sea-keeping characteristics with a relatively large load capacity.

High-speed assault air-cavity ship “Serna”.

It is designed for landing of armaments and military, tracked and wheeled vehicles as well as military personnel to unimproved port facilities. In peacetime the ship can be used to deliver vehicles, cargo and military personnel to coastal areas up to 600 miles.

Patrol air-cavity vessel “Sokzhoy”. It is designed for the protection of territorial, inland waters and marine natural resources, ensuring safety of national maritime and port security, combating the manifestations of terrorism and illicit traffic in drugs and weapons, suppression of contraband fishing and control over the ecological state of the marine environment. In addition to this, this ship can serve for delivery of inspection and anti-sabotage groups to the destination and rescue operations.

Ekranoplane “Spasatel”. It is designed to carry out the search and rescue operations of crews of submarines, surface ships and vessels, urgent delivery of humanitarian supplies, fuel, drinking water, rescue equipment to the places of technogenic disasters on the coast, to escort helicopters as a refueling vehicle, while flying long distance of for refueling of helicopters in the field of technological disasters.

Sea multi-purpose ekranoplane A-050-742d. It is capable to speed up to 450 km/x with the ability to accommodate on board up to 100 passengers or cargo, weighting up to 9 tons. It can take off from equipped airfield as well as from water and unequipped coats.

The following items can be considered as the main advantages: high-speed, high fuel efficiency, high survivability, high sea-keeping performance and autonomy, amphibiotic, ease of deployment and shore support, the possibility of flight at low altitudes, the ability of the airfield basing and landing on water.

Sea high-speed universal basic air-cavity platform KVK-1200. The vessel is intended for sea ecology research in the shelf area, cargo transportation, search-and-rescue operations and other activities in the interest of national economy.

Looking forward to see you in the pavilion “A” of Congress-exhibition center “Patriot” at the joint stand No. 1C5 of JSC “R.E.Alexeev’s Hydrofoil Design Bureau” and a strategic partner JSC “SPC “Radar mms”, where our experts and specialists will demonstrate the models of high-speed vessels, ships and ekranoplanes, answer all your questions, talk about trends and prospects of development of high-speed shipbuilding.