Aerodynamic test

Aerodynamic tests are the most widespread verification nature test method, wherein experimental model, which is an engineering model reduction, is tested in near-exploitation conditions. Such tests allows specifying calculations, verifying the engineering solutions at the early stage and finding out possible unaccounted physical effects at the engineering process.

Such test means a scale-model creation of vessel engineering, followed by wing-tunnel tests and taking of readings, which begin with hull deflection and ends as airflow disturbances, coming out of air course over model. Received findings are the basis of checking and refining calculations, which become final data before vessel building.

АТ-2 – is a continuous-operation, closed-layout wind tunnel with reverse channel and an open test section designed to investigate aerodynamic characteristics of aircraft models at take-off, landing and low-speed flight. Fan, each driven by a constant-current electric motor of 200 kW, generate the flow. Six-component aerodynamic balance is been used for general measurements. Model with wing span up to 1200-1300 mm can be tested in AT-2.

Aerodynamic profile AT-2:

1-  nozzle; 2- test section; 3 - diffuser; 4 - annular bell; 5 - fans; 6,7,8,9 – 1st, 2nd, 3 rd, 4th corner; 10 - reverse channel; 11- stilling chamber; 12- honeycomb; 13- electric drive motor

It is possible to provide follow model tests and experiments, using aerodynamic tunnel AT-2:

  • Without bearing fit model test (unbounded steam);
  • Nearby bearing fit, model tested by method of images (availability of screen is modeled by second model installation, which is symmetrically located toward imaginary bearing fit);
  • Nearby bearing fit, model tested by method of permanent screen (availability of screen is modeled by hard plate installation);
  • Model afloat flow visualization;
  • Model upwash and flow stagnation research;
  • Velocity field nearby model measurement;
  • Model’s surface pressure distribution measurement.

Basic parameters:

  • V = 0-50 m/s – air flow speed
  • N=1 – pressure ratio
  • Re=2.65*10 - Critical Reynolds number for sphere with diameter of 150 mm
  • Ɛ = 0,6% - Stream turbulence
  • Total pressure – atmospheric
  • Stagnation temperature – environmental
  • Test section dimensions - Ø 1750 mm

Practical use

Mentioned AT-2 tunnel’s capacities are used for experimental researches of different purposes flying vehicles (FV) models. AT-2 plays an essential role for national ekranoplanes aerodynamic arrangements development and their perfection.