Engineering research/ Engineering development

Engineering research

JSC Alekseev's Design Bureau offers searching, theoretic and experimental research efforts, aimed to evaluate technical possibility of new vessels during certain period.

Engineering research can be used for feasibility demonstration of new displacement-type vessels’ and dynamically-supported vessels’ building, implementing follow actions:

  • Layer by layer experimental vessel’s model creation, using hull digital 3D model by 3D printing device;
  • Experimental drill of vessel’s hull optimized (reasonable) characteristics om open experimental tank;
  • Design consideration’s optimization, aimed to decrease exploitation and building costs during vessel life cycle ;
  • Feasibility demonstration of using various construction and composite materials for vessel’s hull, during strength- structure and modal construction’s analysis of modern software application for final-propelled analysis ANSYS;
  • Validation of requirements on building new engineering tools and systems for achievement optimized project considerations of new vessel;
  • Feasibility demonstration of using new technologies during new vessels’ building.

Engineering development

Engineering development is a package of measures for creating new products in term of experimental prototype and engineering documentation for the next industrial construction and products using.

 JSC Alekseev's Design Bureau, basing on a big experience in engineering projects,  will quickly design and set up vessel’s experimental prototype, provide it with documentation and bring it to building, according to your wishes.

The full process of engineering development consists of several steps:

  • 1st step – the project preparation of basic vessel’s design. During this period the most probable scheme, used to achieve settled aim, are being discussed.
  • 2nd step – direct full-scale engineering development.
  • 3rd step – creating experimental prototypes and laboratory testing.
  • 4th step – development of working construction documentationfor experimental prototype building .
  • 5th step -  working construction documentation approval for industrial (serial) vessel’s building. 

The main engineering development aim is to build competitive products of high scientific-and-technological level, capable of private market demand satisfaction.