System integration

System integration is a merger of various vessel elements, devices, components and systems in one complex for effective tasks fulfilment of all life cycle with minimum exploitation costs.

Such integration can be achieved by all vessel elements cooperation in one informational and management system for decreasing a number of vessel management workers and vessel choosing, which provide high rates in term of vessel permanence, survivability, safety and efficiency.

While JSC Alekseev's Design Bureau engineer supporting systems of steady up and high-speed ship handling, solve certain problem. Tis problem is the operator will work and to what extent atomized system will allow to control the full object, but not only its particular arrangements. It means, whether it possible to integrate management and stabilized systems in technical tools of vessel atomized system – sensors, operating actuators, used for management and control by different subsystems: marine hydraulics, electricity supply, ventilation system and etc.

Atomized management of handling high-speed vessel means a number of specific requirements to equipment and software of operating controllers – first of all, high rates of speedwork and fail-operational capability.

JSC Alekseev's Design Bureau engineer atomized high-speed vessel’s system, taking into consideration mentioned above requirements.