JSC Alekseev's Design Bureau has its own experimental-research and production Center in Nizhny Novgorod which provides experimental, design and technological services related with building of all types of high-speed vessels. Experimental-production center includes dockyard, used for ekranoplane’s building and final fitting-out.

Dockyard is used for:

  • Certain components’ making and building up ekranoplane
  • Building of various high-speed vessels.

Different models are made through a 3D (milling) cutter with numerical control:

  • Towed
  • Aero tube
  • Bench
  • Radio-controlled
  • Elastic-similar
  • Catapulted
  • Small self-propelled

Tool and bench shop is fitt ed out with modern keel-plate bending, lathe, milling machines, boring bench and boring stand. This shop allows to do components’ and elements’ tooling of ekranoplanes and high-speed vessels.

For today there were designed and build:

  • 70 projects of hydrofoil vessels– built  more than 400 hydrofoils;
  • 20 projects of air-cavity vessels – built about 50 air-cavity vessels;
  • 40 projects of ekranoplanes – built more than 30 ekranoplanes of different purposes.

Nowadays, JSC Alekseev's Design Bureau is creating design projects for new generation high-speed vessels of civil and special purposes.

There have been built more than 8 thousand hydrofoils, using our projects during more than 60 years. Many of our hydrofoils are operated in 32 countries.